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Photo Gallery: Blue Willow Dog Coats and Pita Beds
in Quebec & Ontario -40 steady since more then a week… Your coats are as warm as my Canada Goose. My old Afghan 11 years old was outside eating snow ,relax ….PS: Picture of my old Lexi, coming back from outside and surprise that she had to come in ;) When I touch her she was as warm as when she went out…

- Johanne, Ontario, Canada
Rocky thanks you for the wonderful Pita Bed – and the fabulous workmanship.
- Betty, Burr Ridge Illinois

Rocky loves his new Navy Blue Pita Bed!

I received Glimmer's coat today and it is absolutely gorgeous! The workmanship is exceptional. It is even better than I had imagined it would be. It fits her perfectly! It was well worth the wait..

-Leslie, Scottsdale, AZ

Glimmer is rocking a Forest Green Snow Angel winter coat with a camel 200wt fleece interior. The double fleece "turtleneck" can open up to keep her delicate ears warm!


Sharon, It occurs to me that I never sent you pics of Blade in her wonderful coat.

Blade got one season out of her coat... Blade passed on the 16th and is missed so very much. I had her for 13 years.

Thank you for taking care of my baby.

- P.D. Columbia, Missouri

Shar-Pei/Labrador mix, Blade, enjoys a cold winter day in her Snow Angel winter coat from Blue Willow. Rest well Blade, and know that you are loved, now and forever.

Thanks again, Sharon!

Dixie is enjoying some snuggle time in this red plaid Blue Willow Pita Bed!
I think we have a winner!! Thank you so much, the pita bed is awesome! -
Beth, North Carolina

Pit Bull/Weimaraner mix Jude is enjoying an Oatmeal Pita Bed in size XL. Our pita beds are perfect for dogs who like to burrow and be covered!

Hi Sharon,

I'd like to share a photo of Daisy. She absolutely LOVES her pita bed! Thank you for such amazing work :)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a lovely winter coat for Des. The fit is absolutely perfect and exactly what we were looking for. It is truly one of a kind - an exceptionally high quality, hand made coat that will endure rough play and sub-freezing temperatures for many years to come.

In the past, Des got very cold in the wintertime wearing the other generic coats we've purchased in stores. She was reluctant to play outside and was miserable taking walks. With the Blue Willow coat, she is keeping super toasty and is finally able to enjoy the New England winter in all of its glory. (Now we can't get her back in the house!)
toy fox terrier winter coat

Squirt in his new Blue Willow Dog Coat that came today. Perfect fit and he likes it!

Toy Fox Terrier, Squirt, is looking great in a plum Snow Angel winter coat with extra-warm high-loft curly fleece interior!

Winter dog Coat North Germany

First time wearing his new coat in North Germany. Perfect for the blizzards we are having! - JM, Lubeck, Germany

The three layer construction and modern, high-quality fabrics are the secret to the warmth of Blue Willow's Snow Angel winter coats!

Dog Raincoat

I love it! Perfect!!!
Thank you so much!
- L.P. Tacoma, WA

Italian greyhound, Titan, is wearing a Rain Chaser dog raincoat with a black waterproof/breathable exterior and tan interior fleece. This coat has the optional turnback collar, rather than the turtleneck collar you will see in many of the photos on this page.

Boston terrier winter coat

It is a fantastic coat, fits beautifully and I believe my rescue Boston [terrier] who came up north to me from Texas will finally finally finally be warm enough for the walks he needs. Last winter I resorted to putting two coats on him, one over the other and he was STILL cold...because they didn't cover the rump, belly and neck the way yours do. And didn't have the windbreak as well as the insulating materials. -- CR, Boston MA

Thank you for the kind words! We hope Clyde is enjoying his Snow Angel coat this year!

striped fleece dog winter coat

Thank you for making a beautiful coat for Tara, my dog! I received it today!

It's super warm and looks beautiful.
My dog (10 years old) will really love it during winter! - A. H. Sapporo, Japan


Tara, from Japan, has a lovely winter Snow Angel coat in black waterproof/breathable exterior with an Anderson Stripe 200wt fleece interior, tummy warmer, and double fleece collar. Many of our orders are international and we are happy that dogs all over the world enjoy Blue Willow quality!

Green winter dog coat

I love how long the turtleneck is!!!! Will be perfect in the cold wind. -- K.S. O'Fallen, Illinois

Aidan is comfy and warm in a dark green Snow Angel winter coat with green tea fleece interior and name embroidered.

Winter Dog Coat

Just to let you know after two winters Finn's coat is still going strong and he absolutely loves it. He can run free and play rough and the coat is still as new. It's genuinally a quality product we would recommend to any dog lover needing a coat for their pooch. It really held up well during our -15 winter.
- J.R., Lincoln, England


Finn enjoys his Black & Black Rain Chaser raincoat on a cold and beautiful foggy day in England!

blue & black dog coat

thank you for the lovely coat you sent to me last week... You do beautiful work.
- N.L., Bismarck, North Dakota


Billy is snugabug in a winter Snow Angel coat with medium blue outer fabric (waterproof/breathable) and black curly high-loft Polartec inner fleece.

sally's dog coat - australia

A sincere thank you from all of us for your service and brilliant craftsmanship. Sally has spent several very warm and comfortable nights in her new coat. It fits her perfectly. She is now ready for the cold winter nights yet to come here in Canberra.

Sally from Australia is having a nice snooze in her green outer waterproof/breathable fabric with camel fleece, English style Snow Angel winter coat! It has a turnback collar and a tummy warmer.

Carlton is quite happy with his pita ped. I probably used to re-cover him six to eight times a night when I'm studying. He woudl turn around on his blanket, become uncovered, and then complain until I help him out. Thanks to his wonderful new pita bed, he now can turn around all he wants and not become uncovered. He figured out how to burrow into it by the end of the first day, and we have put the blankets back in the laundry room!  
Kia Whippet Pita Bed whippet puppy Kia LOVES her bed!  
gray fleece dog winter coat

joey and i thank you very much for his coat! have a nice holiday!
- Monroeville, PA

Living in Pennsylvania you need a real winter coat. We think Joey will be very warm in his Snow Angel winter coat with a black waterproof/breathable fabric outer shell and smoke gray 200wt fleece lining!

two whippets in pita bed

I received our Pita Bed yesterday and my Italian Greyhounds Luna & Luigi love it!! It took them about 30 seconds to get used to it, and I've hardly seen them since! Thank you so much for such a wonderful and well-made dog bed, I'm so thrilled with it even if it does mean I won't see my dogs all winter!!


Don't Luna and Luigi look adorable all snuggled up together? Our pita beds are great for two smaller dogs that like to sleep together.

winter dog coats illinois

Charlie & Carlie's coats arrived safely and they are making full use of them! Many thanks.

These lovely Greyhounds live in northern Illinois where winters can be wicked! They are wearing English Style Snow Angel winter dog coats, in dark green w/green tea fleece interior, and medium blue w/ blue snowflower print fleece interior. Both coats have tummy warmers and turnback collars.

greyhound winter coat - mickey

Here is Mickey in his coat. It keeps him very warm; I think his coat is warmer than mine! He's had many compliments on his well made, warm coat.

Mickey's Montana winters just got a whole lot warmer in his Snow Angel winter coat with black waterproof/breathable outer shell and camel fleece interior.

brussels in pita bed

The Pita Bed was just what my Brussels Griffon needed after his surgery!! ...
Everyone at the vet hospital loved and were amazed at how well the bed was made and how warm it was. Along with being beautiful!! I carried him to the hospital in it and left it there for him and brought him home in it.

Kirby is recovering in a Blue Willow Pita Bed. Feel better soon!

dog coat saluki

Kumar and his wonderful new coat!!!

Saluki Kumar is wearing a Snow Angel winter coat with one of our special outer fabrics: Giraffe! Cold and blowy Wisconsin never felt so tropical!

rescued greyhound fleaka

Fleaka and my children in her beautiful, much anticipated and appreciated winter coat... Fleaka was able to stay outside for an extended time and wasn't shivering. Yea!

Rescued Greyhound, Fleaka, has gained a loving, warm home and a beautiful, well-fitting warm winter dog coat for her new life in Idaho!

dog bed

I just wanted to write you and let you know I loved the Pita Bed. My beagle puppy Lacey loves it too... Last night, she dove in at bedtime, and never even woke up or came out until I got her up this morning.

Life is good when your dog burrows into a Pita Bed instead of his human mom or dad's bed!


boomer in his pita dog bed

cat on pita bed

Boomer loves being in the Pita Bed!

Not to be outdone by his cat friend Mowgli, Boomer enjoys his Blue Willow Pita bed.

ontario dog coat

I just wanted to issue you a heartfelt 'thanks' for Sanjia's winter coat... It's simply exquisite! ... It's comforting to know that Sanjia will be toasty warm throughout our chilly Southwestern Ontario winters.

Sanjia is wearing a Snow Angel winter dog coat with red onion Goretex outer layer (sorry, this color is no longer available), and a green tea fleece interior, with a double fleece turtleneck and tummy warmer. We love this color combination - doesn't Sanjia look beautiful?

black dog coat

Wanted you, and my friends, to see how handsomely the coat fits Finn. Thanks again!
Pat M. - Ohio

Lurcher/Greyhound mix, Finbar, is enjoying a black Goretex and espresso fleece Snow Angel winter coat.

dog coat norway

In the middle of the biggest snow blizzard ever, Travis' coat arrived!... it's keeping him warm, fits him perfectly and I'm happy.
- D., Norway

Here's a before-and-after picture of Travis braving Norway's oh-so-cold snow in his Snow Angel winter dog coat. As you can see, the Western style coat does not have a closed rear, which leaves room for big wavy tail, a stubby tail that stands up, or long tails which are carried high.

coziest dog bed ever!

Our boy Henry loves the bed!

Henry from British Columbia, Canada, enjoys the cozy comforts of the Blue Willow PIta Bed.

red raincoat - italian greyhound

I took these photos of Melanie, our two year-old Italian Greyhound, at a dog park in Dallas Texas a few weeks ago. It was chilly, and her BW raincoat kept her warm!
-- David, Dallas, Texas

Melanie shows how easy it is for dogs to move around and be active in their Blue Willow coats. Our Rain Chaser raincoat with PolarTec fleece allow for warmth without too much bulk.

small dog coats

Here are a couple of pictures of Andy and Murphy enjoying the snow in their coats. Thanks for the great work.
--H.N., Shawnee, Kansas

Although many of our doggie clients are sighthounds (whippets, greyhounds, and italian greyhounds), Blue WIllow can provide much-needed winter warmth for small dogs, too!

Andy and Murphy are wearing their waterproof, washable Rain Chaser Raincoats.

blue pita dog bed

hooray - my whippets pixie and bug love it!

There's nothing like a little snooze in a Blue Willow Pita Bed to take the chill off of a winter evening. Or afternoon, or morning, for that matter!

min pin red winter dog coat

The coat is awesome, thank you!
-Jen, Evanston, IL

This Min Pin (miniature pinscher) is wearing a red onion waterproof/breathable fabric Snow Angel winter coat (sorry, this color is no longer available) with a turtleneck collar, tummy warmer, and black high loft thermal fleece interior. An extra-warm coat - perfect those extra-cold Chicago winters!

Whippet - blue winter coat

The coat is coming in handy as we got a HUGE snowstorm… the DC area isn’t used to over a foot of snow!
- Kim, Washington D.C.

Whippet Remus is wearing a medium blue Snow Angel winter coat with medium blue 200 wt. polartec fleece lining, a turn-back collar and a tummy warmer.

winter dog coat and raincoat - whippets

Just got our new coats yesterday and couldn't wait to try them on. They look and fit great! I love the material and can hardly wait until the first bitter cold winter day!
- Tracy, Illinois

Whippet Dasher is wearing a black waterproof/breathable outer shell with cherry hi-loft curly fleece Rain Chaser raincoat. Vixen is wearing a blue waterproof/breathable outer shell with black hi-loft curly fleece Snow Angel winter coat .... both have reflective trim, tummy warmers and double fleece turtleneck collars.

Basenji winter coat - red

We got the coat over the weekend and I just wanted to tell you that we think it's fabulous! It is so well made and I know it's going to keep Tess warm on those very cold winter days.
- Nashua, New Hampshire

Basenji Tess is wearing a western style Snow Angel Winter Coat with Red Onion outer shell outside (sorry, red onion is no longer available) & Sand wind pro fleece interior; she'll be nice & warm this winter!

Rhodesian Ridgeback dog coat Here's a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback in a Snow Angel winter coat, with black Gore-tex outside, camel Polartec fleece inside. Despite the Ridgeback's large tail, this coat is styled in the English (over-the-rump) style for maximum warmth. There is also an extra-long turtleneck collar.  
discount winter dog coat This black Waterproof/Breathable and camel fleece Snow Angel jacket is sized for a Greyhound and recently sold on our clearance and discounts page!  
chihuahua dog bed

Chihuahua Mandy is so cute snuggling into her new Oatmeal Pita Bed!

Before receiving the bed she would sleep with my mother, but now she sleeps a full night in her pita bed!

yorkshire terrier coat

Yorkshire Terrier Ellie Mae is wearing a black Snow Angel Coat with Azalea Curly High Loft Fleece inner lining.

Ellie Mae loves her coat!! We can finally play outside in the cold Iowa winters! Thank You!

yorkshire terrier coat


saluki snow coat

"It was about 5 degrees F here in Boston, MA this weekend and Taj absolutely loves his [Snow Angel] coat! Not only does it look luxurious and well-made, but it is very practical too: durable and extremely warm! Taj has done all sorts of leaps and bounds in his coat, and it has stayed on him perfectly. The fleece snood really has helped protect his ears and the belly band keeps him nice and toasty. Your coat is by far more well-made than those we've seen in pet stores..."

pita fleece dog bed

Cinder looks joyous in her Pita Bed today!

We received the Pita bed yesterday. All we can say is wow! It took Cinder a little while to get used to it---------about 2 min. She got in and that was the last we saw her for about 2 hours!

english bulldog winter coat

English Bulldog, Brutus, enjoys the snow in Lake Placid, NY, in his medium blue winter Snow Angel coat!

"Thanks so much for Brutus' coat - we are really impressed with the quality and the workmanship, it is worth every cent. He has been out today in around -2 degrees F weather and has been snug and warm. Without a doubt these are the best dog coats available!"

red warm dog coat - beau

"Beau loves his coat. I'm very pleased...Thanks for a great coat."
-- Cumming Georgia

Whippet Beau is enjoying his barn red Snow Angel dog coat with camel fleece interior and reflective stripes.

paige italian greyhound - blue gortex + fleece winter dog coat

"I just got the coat you made for Paige today!!! It is so gorgeous!!! I love it! I love it!...I can't thank you enough. Everyone is commenting about it... They think it is beautiful!"
- Brooklyn, Connecticut

Italian Greyhound Paige looks beautiful in a blue Snow Angel, with Blue Bonnet extra protection High Loft Fleece inner perfect for the CT winter!

italian greyhound puppy coat

Lovely Jorja, a Whippet puppy, is wearing a red Snow Angel coat with camel fleece interior.

"Got it, love it!
"We got the coat today and love it. It fits great... If you ever need a reference, feel free to send them my email... thanks again! - C.M., British Columbia, Canada"

chihuahua dog coat
italian greyhound coat

Chihuahua, Ignatius, loves his new whale blue with hi-loft curly blue bonnet fleece coat.

Italian Greyhound Isabella's precious ears will stay warm in her Weather Max Blue with Butter hi-loft curly Snow angel coat and reflective stripes.

Ignatius and Isabella live in Windy Chicago! With winter on its way, they are well protected this year.

chinchilla fake fur dog coat

This spectacular coat is called "Evening Furs," a special fake Chinchilla fur winter Snow Angel coat.

This coat was sold for charity. All proceeds to the American Whippet Club Health Foundation.


Peanut's Dog Coat

Cairn Terrier, Peanut, handles the Wisconsin winter in a Western-style Snow Angel winter coat with Anderson Stripe fleece lining and, of course, her name embroidered!

(embroidery is available starting at $15; just leave a note in the instructions on your order form)

Dog RaiNcoAT - SALuki

Saluki Pearl will stay comfortably dry in her Hawaii home with her lovely black and leopard rain chaser coat!

"She loves it! The coat fits Pearl beautifully and for once, our desert bred did not mind the common tropical shower...."

Nambe in a red winter dog coat Whippet Nambe is warm (and beautiful!) in the Falkland Islands with his Snow Angel Winter Coat  
winter dog coat with leopard fleece Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stoney is wearing a Snow Angel Winter Coat with western styling; black waterproof/breathable outside and 200 wt. leopard fleece inside. This one has a turned down collar, as short-necked dogs often do not like long-necked clothing.  
Bonnie in her winter dog coat

"...It is the best coat we have ever seen..." -Hoyleton,Illinois

Our coats are great protection for older dogs. Manchester terrier Bonnie will feel nice and warm in her Black waterproof/breathable outer shell with Chinese Red interior fleece Snow Angel Winter Dog Coat.



miniature pincsher coat

Min Pin (Miniature Doberman Pinscher) Abbie is enjoying her barn red Snow Angel Winter Dog Coat with black 200 wt fleece interior.

"We received the jacket and Abbie loves it. She was able to play outside for the first time this winter (her earlier jacket made it difficult for her to
really run) and she had a blast (as you can see from her big smile). It
fits perfectly and seems very sturdy.

"We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends and family with pets."

-Silver Spring, Maryland

extra protection thermal polartec + gortex coat

Whippet Dante is getting a LOT of extra protection from the cold in his beautiful Snow Angel with blue bonnet high-loft thermal polartec fleece on the inside and powder blue Gore-tex on the outside. These extra warm coats are designed for dogs who really need to be well-protected. The vulnerable neck and chest area are covered to prevent loss of body warmth. An absolutely luscious coat!


boston terrier gracie in her new Rain Chaser raincoat

Boston terrier Gracie in her new periwinkle blue waterproof/breathable Rain Chaser dog raincoat.

"...beautifully made and well worth the wait. "

gortex-filling-fleece layers on our dog coatthree layer construction makes our Snow Angel coats the warmest winter dog coats on the planet. gortex-filling-fleece on our dog coats  
IG Luke in a Snow Angel Dog Coat IG (Italian Greyhound) Luke is ready to brave the outdoors in his new Snow Angel winter coat with forest green waterproof/breathable outer layer and a blueplum fleece inner layer.  
dog coat sewing detail
Here is a raincoat detail showing the high quality of our sewing. We know these coats will be put through a lot of wear and tear and we build them to last.
dog coat sewing detail 2
A Snow Angel detail.
Greyhound - purple jacket Elvis at 5 months sports a new greyhound coat with custom fabrics- it's a little big so he can grow.  

Whippet Winter models the 'over the ears' feature of the Snow Angel Winter Coat for those cold cold mornings....
red dog coat
Whippet Zoe and friends out for a stroll in her new ginger Snow Angel coat with extra long plum collar
two dobermans in snow jackets  
Dobermans Jazz and Zarra wearing their new winter coats in 10 inches of snow/slush.  
Dog in western styled coat Dog in western styled coat  
The Western styled jacket is designed for dogs with long tails or who carry their tails high and don't fit into the 'english style ' coat. They are the same warm, 3 layer coats with extra tacking at stress points and the double, turn down turtle neck collar.  
Pug in ooh-la-la coat This excellent pug is enjoying our Ooh-la-la coat.  
Boston Terrier fleece coat Boston Terrier QT looks dashing in the fleece Ooh-la-la coat for small dogs.  
Whippet Lucy models a dark forest Green Waterproof/Breathable Snow Angel Winter coat lined with a purple/orange western print. The coat sports a high purple outer Polar tec collar with a decorative multicolor braid trim. (see trims). Whippet Lucy sits in a fake fur Snow Angel coat with a red berber collar. If you have a favorite fabric and you send it to me, I can incorporate it into your coat for a small fee. (Contact me to discuss)  
Three of the Rain Chaser Waterproof Dog Raincoats, pictured here with a turnback collar and bands around the waist. There is no inner batting but there is an inner layer of Polar Tec fleece. This coat is one of the few non waterproof, non washable coats available on special order (contact me). It is made of a brocade with quilt-like stitching in a rich overall floral pattern. The lining is a floral polar fleece. This coat belongs to Robn Vogt's puppy from Alice Sowder. Very chic!  
This is a washable but non-waterproof fake fur-the infamous giraffe pattern! Fred and Gina Leuhr's dog Charlotte had several fittings to make it the absolutely perfect fit...after Charlotte told Fred through a communicator that she needed everyone to look at her - more Bling please! Fred agreed and went giraffe. It's a very handsome fur for both male and female dogs. Paula Knight's Spice also has one. This is the fake fur dog coat. notice in this view how the tummy warmer widens near the rear providing a snug wraparound quality which keeps the wind out of the chest and underbelly where the sighthounds tend to have very little fur....the two straps velcro together on top of the back makiing putting the coats on and off extremely easy with little bending and no fumbling under the tummy.  
snow dog coat
Whippet Zoe, Lucy and Gogo take Lilli for a winter walk in the new snow
2 dogs in the snow  
Lucy and Gogo keeping warm in Snow Angels.  
george's winter coat bits winter coat  
Georgie the whippet has a new green Snow Angel winter coat with Anderson Stripe Polar tec collar Greyhound Bitsie in her barn red Snow Angel winter coat with a striped collar that matches Georgie's. Mom and Dad have scarves that match the collars.  
Brown snow angel Brown snow angel  
Above is a coated ripstop Snow Angel coat lined with Shearling Polar fleece in a leopard pattern. It is waterproof, windproof and breathable. While dogs don't sweat like people do, they do overheat and materials that are breathable make that less likely to happen.  
2 dogs  
Whippets Lucy and Gogo try out two new Snow Angel Winter coats with extra long collars. The temperature is about 14 degrees with strong winds-a nippy Wisconsin morning, grey and sunless. Whippet Lucy at play. With a warm winter coat the whippets and greyhounds will spend time out in the yard even if the temperature is falling. This coat is on its way to 'CC', Ch.Yorktown's Extra Vitamin C who is a bit longer than Lucy but otherwise of similar proportions...the coat will get a CC monogram and be on its way soon.  

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"Sharon: The coats arrived today and they are WONDERFUL!!!!

Thanks so much for the exquisite quality!"

Sharon, the coats you made for our two Whippets are wonderful. It was worth the wait!

We craft both heavyweight winter dog coats and lighter weight autumn, spring dog raincoats.

Our coats are durable and built to last a lifetime.

All of our coats are custom made to your measurements - a perfect fit!

Make a dog happy: order a coat today!

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