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The Pita Bed - a Sleeping, Snuggling, Burrowing Bed for Dogs

Llike their namesake, the pita bread, these are cuddly beds made for dogs who love to burrow under the covers and snuggle up for their beauty sleep. This unique design is incredibly durable and washable. Just perfect for a pup (or two) seeking a hideaway! Order now or read on for more info...

Pita bed sleeping bag for dogs
Lucy playing turtle in the pita bed - "can I save my place in the pita bed and still watch what everyone else is doing?"

Our high quality Pita Beds are super soft, durable, and long-wearing.  They consist of an inside layer of thick polyester lambskin with an outside layer of fleece. All beds are machine washable; dry on line or in machine dryer on  low or gentle.


Choose from these colors for the outer fabric of your bed:

medium blue





Navy Double Velour











Peanut (Medium Brown)


Also available but not pictured:

Cherry Red




(Unless noted these outer fabrics have a short fake fur nap of about 1/4" and can be machine washed and air or machine dried.)

To Order Your Pita Bed...

Size    Description Price

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Small 20” x 22” (small dog/puppies) 65.00
Medium 28” x 32 ” (1 whippet) 80.00
Large 30” x 40” (2 whippets) 95.00
XL 40" x 50" (greyhound) 125.00

pita bed for dogs
It's as cozy as it looks!

pita dog bed

boomer loves his pita bed!

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"i received the burgundy pita bed today. i have to tell you that the quality is superb. i'm so impressed.

again, i'm most pleased with the quality, beauty, weight of the new pita bed. my whippet girl is nearly blind so i'm trying to keep her as comfy as i can.

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