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No-Pee Dog Belly Bands are Here!

No pee Belly Bands

Are you having a problem with your male dog leaving puddles or marking around the house? The No-Pee Belly Band is basically a diaper for male dogs. Order a belly band now or read on for more info...

Winter wearing the white economy band


How do they Work?

The No-Pee Belly Band consists of several layers of absorbant terry-cloth that fit snugly under the privates, comfortable velcro waist-band closures and for the Deluxe band, fun prints and an additional waterproof layer. When the dog "has an accident," the terry cloth absorbs the urine. The band is then removed for washing. These are not made to hold an additional pad.

"Belly bands are really a lifesaver - thanks for making these!"

If your dog has a lot of accidents, you'll want to keep 3 or 4 belly bands on hand so that you'll always have a clean and dry one available.

Available Styles

We make three styles of No-Pee Belly Bands:

  • Economy - 2 layers of terry with velcro closure.
    Colors: White, Red, Light Blue, Light Green

  • Best all around - 2 layers of terry + outer print cloth.
    Colors: Flannel Red print, Flannel Sage with red, Flannel solid red, blue, green or black

  • Deluxe - 3 layers of terry + outer print or fake fur cloth.
    Colors: All flannels listed above, leopard velboa or bright blue with leopard spots velboa.

Picture of an Economy Belly Band in Red

Belly Band Prices

  Small Dogs Medium Dogs Large Dogs  
Economy $12.50 $16.00 $25.00 Order
Best All Around $15.00 $20.00 $30.00 Order
Deluxe $22.00 $25.00 $35.00 Order


To determine belly band size, measure you dog around his waist just in front of the privates. You will enter this on the Order Form.

To decide between 'small', 'medium', and 'large' dog size, take a look at the band widths shown here and then choose what's right for your dog:

To Order: You can order No-Pee Dog Belly Bands using the No-Pee Belly Band Order Form, or by Contacting me.




Let's Make a Coat

"Sharon: THANK YOU
for such a gorgeous and warm coat!"

"I Cannot Imagine
the Diva being cold when wearing this!"

We craft both heavyweight winter dog jackets and lighter weight autumn, spring, and raincoats.

Coats are styled for sighthounds or other breeds.

Our coats are durable and built to last a lifetime - hand-crafted with love in Wisconsin, USA.

Coats are custom made to your measurements.

Make a dog happy: order a coat today!

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